Leaving Yungaburra and heading south

Featured Image : Nankeen Night Heron Staring us down at Hasties Swamp.



Victoria's Riflebirds

Victoria’s Riflebird Display at Wongabel State Forest



Greetings from Ingham 🤩
We almost didn’t leave Yungaburra yesterday morning 😬😬
After packing up we started lifting the van to get it hitched onto the truck.  It didn’t go up very far……
The new 12 volt motor we had just installed was making the same weird clicking noises as the old one, so were just a little bit concerned..
And then a very loud bang!! The van fell a bit on the right side as obviously something drastic happened with that landing leg.
Luckily the left leg held so we quickly got the truck jack and blocks of timber to support the right side.
We really thought we were well and truly grounded yet again but realised the left leg still went up and down, so by juggling that and raising the jack to keep the van even, we could still hitch up.
We couldn’t get it quite high enough but dropped the air out of the back suspension on the truck and woohoo it just squeezed in.
Of course when we got here to Ingham we had to reverse that procedure so now we have lots of bits and pieces coming from Melbourne.
We think the left leg is ok but decided not to mess around and just get both legs with all the bells and whistles attached.

Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo
Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo at Wongabel

Black-faced Monarch at Yungaburra
Black-faced Monarch at Tinaburra



We did see the Male Riflebird again in the Wongabel forest before we left Yungaburra and Anthony got a ok photos but he was very high in the trees.
My Sister Denise and her hubby Mark were with us at the time and she is a whiz bang at spotting tree kangaroos so we also got some nice pics there.
It was a bit sad to leave that area as we get quite settled in Yungaburra but who knows….. maybe next year we will head up that way again.



Another Tree Kangaroo from Wongabel



So there aren’t many photos and sorry, no video this time but hopefully we have a productive week here.

Bye for now Steph and Anthony.




Dragon/Damselflies have been in very short supply, hopefully Tyto will be teaming with them.

Here is an Orange Threadtail Damselfly 

Still Birding up in the Atherton Tablelands

Featured Image : Rufous Fantail




Certainly a prize bird for this region

Victoria’s Riflebird

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IMG_5498 2

Press Play to View a snippet of our day at Lake Barrine


Tick tock tick tock……how time flies. It’s hard to believe another week plus has flown by so quickly.

We have been out and about pretty much every day. We keep doing the rounds of all our little hotspots, which is fantastic fun though some places have their little pitfalls.

Like Lake Barrine…..every time we visit, which is very often, we can’t pass up the award winning scones 🙄🙄 which is usually in the morning.

One day it took us around 4 hours to walk the 5 km circuit around the lake so of course we had to have lunch there as well.

So we are putting on some weight but figure when we get back to work on our shaking cherry pickers in Stanthorpe it will all miraculously melt away again.



Just love the bright yellow plumage of the Northern Male Figbird




I can never resist photographing a Pale-Yellow Robin

The weather hasn’t been the best really.

We had some hot days last week and all the birds and bugs seemed to be more abundant and then the weather turned back to almost wintery conditions.

I had to have my jumper on the last few days in the rainforests…..very chilly.

I don’t think the birds like it much either. This morning it’s drizzling so hopefully the sun pops out a bit later.



0T2A8769 2
The Peircing stare of a Spangled Drongo


IMG_5498 2

Press Play to view a short snippet of Hasties Swamp, Atherton


Nankeen Night Heron

Plumed Egret and Friends


We are trying our best to get more photos and video of the male Victoria’s Riflebird.
He is just amazing to watch when he starts displaying.
We found a great broken tree stump in the Wongabel Forest with the male sitting on top.
He did start to display a little, a female did come through and he took off after her but did stay in the area so we are keen to go back when the sun comes out and try again for some Wow pics and video.


Female Rufous Whistler


More Rainforest Birds


IMG_5498 2

Press Play to view another short Video snippet of

Curtain Fig Tree


Wongabel State Forest


Curtain Fig Tree at Yungaburra


We are coming up to our last weekend in this area so will have to start heading south again next week, but there will be plenty of nature stops along the way. Enjoy all the pics and videos.

Cheers Steph and Anthony.



A not so nervous Yellow-footed Antechinus on the track at Lake Eacham