Leaving Yungaburra and heading south

Featured Image : Nankeen Night Heron Staring us down at Hasties Swamp.



Victoria's Riflebirds

Victoria’s Riflebird Display at Wongabel State Forest



Greetings from Ingham 🤩
We almost didn’t leave Yungaburra yesterday morning 😬😬
After packing up we started lifting the van to get it hitched onto the truck.  It didn’t go up very far……
The new 12 volt motor we had just installed was making the same weird clicking noises as the old one, so were just a little bit concerned..
And then a very loud bang!! The van fell a bit on the right side as obviously something drastic happened with that landing leg.
Luckily the left leg held so we quickly got the truck jack and blocks of timber to support the right side.
We really thought we were well and truly grounded yet again but realised the left leg still went up and down, so by juggling that and raising the jack to keep the van even, we could still hitch up.
We couldn’t get it quite high enough but dropped the air out of the back suspension on the truck and woohoo it just squeezed in.
Of course when we got here to Ingham we had to reverse that procedure so now we have lots of bits and pieces coming from Melbourne.
We think the left leg is ok but decided not to mess around and just get both legs with all the bells and whistles attached.

Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo
Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo at Wongabel

Black-faced Monarch at Yungaburra
Black-faced Monarch at Tinaburra



We did see the Male Riflebird again in the Wongabel forest before we left Yungaburra and Anthony got a ok photos but he was very high in the trees.
My Sister Denise and her hubby Mark were with us at the time and she is a whiz bang at spotting tree kangaroos so we also got some nice pics there.
It was a bit sad to leave that area as we get quite settled in Yungaburra but who knows….. maybe next year we will head up that way again.



Another Tree Kangaroo from Wongabel



So there aren’t many photos and sorry, no video this time but hopefully we have a productive week here.

Bye for now Steph and Anthony.




Dragon/Damselflies have been in very short supply, hopefully Tyto will be teaming with them.

Here is an Orange Threadtail Damselfly 

Waterfalls and Wildlife : Atherton Tablelands

A surprise Echidna passes by at Lake Tinaroo


Waterfall Drive, Milla Milla – We couldn’t have asked for a better day

Waterfalls of Milla Milla

The weather did take a turn for the worse….. cold and drizzly for about 4 days. We were starting to wonder if we would ever see the sun again. The weather report kept saying the next day would be partly cloudy and when we woke up it was dark and drizzle drizzle, horrible.

We did take the opportunity though to revamp our kitchen, after 11 years of heavy duty use the laminate bench tops were very chipped and scuffed. We decided the simplest and of course cheapest option was to just cover them with marble look a like contact paper, not the cheapie paper though, this contact came from the US as we couldn’t get it here, it’s especially for benchtops. We also did some splash backs with these amazing ….. plastic ….. Tic Tac tiles. They came from England, again, not available here. Well we think it looks amazing even though it is all plastic, so have added some pics at the end of this Blog.



Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo spotting at the Nerada Tea Factory Grounds 

(Luckily we have a long lens to capture these critters high in the tree tops)


IMG_5498 2

Press Play to view Tree Kangaroo Vid


Due to the cool and wet weather on the Atherton Tablelands our beloved Dragonflies are few and far between.

Male and Female Fiery Skimmer Dragonflies


So back to the weather, the blue skies are back and our spirits have returned with it. We have been out and about everywhere. We just love the tablelands, waterfalls, lakes, wildlife, rainforests and of course, great cafes. What more could you want.

We did live up here for 4 years in Kuranda, but realised we don’t need to live here or anywhere really. With a house on wheels you can just visit the best places at the right time of year, if your lucky of course.

No horrible wet seasons to contend with.



A showcase of stunning Rainbow Bee-eaters






This gorgous Red-legged Pademellon was spotted catching the morning sun through a gap in the rainforest

Anthony has been having a feast with the bird photos lately…..we found a little birdie hotspot down by Lake Tinaroo. We can just walk there from our van which is fantastic, this afternoon we were so focused on the brown cuckoo dove eating tobacco bush berries when the echidna just ambled past us. What an amazing creature, we just love seeing these precious little animals that must really be struggling with our human impact.


Brown Cuckoo-dove up close and personal


Doves Galore on the Tablelands


We spotted this Pelican and Little black Cormorant through a small gap in the Rainforrest at Lake Eacham



White-breasted Woodswallow

We also drove out to the Nerada Tea Plantation which is the best place to see Tree Kangaroos. Its quite a drive but so worth it. I don’t know why but they are always around there somewhere, fantastic. They have even cordoned off their habitat with barbed wire with signs everywhere to keep us out, how cool is that?? I’d rather they didn’t use barbed wire but these amazing animals really need our help. Their habitat is rapidly disappearing so it’s great to see a big company keeping a nice place for them.


This little Pale-Yellow Robin is just way too cute


This Yellow Honeyeater was observed guarding these Cathedral Bells


And a few other critters we stumbled across

IMG_5498 2

Press play to watch Stephanie’s Snippets

We have to move on soon if we want to get up to Cooktown before the weather heats up, though it will be hard to leave here. I guess we can always come back on our way south again.

At the moment we keep putting off leaving. The joys of freedom.

Enjoy all the amazing photos.

Bye for now, Steph and Anthony.


Our Kitchen Makeover