Redwood Park – Featuring the Regent Bowerbird

Featured Image : Regent Bowerbird.

Black faced Monarch
These Black-faced Monarchs seemed Plentiful here today.
Regent Bowerbird
Here’s another pic of this stunning Bowerbird


Well…Surprise..Surprise, still no polish on the van. The Showgrounds here at Toowoomba are very open and it’s blowing a gale. This morning we woke to the dreaded Drizzle plus it’s so much cooler here than on the coast. We were deciding what we were going to do for the day and Voila……the sun started peeking out just a little bit 🤩🤩

So we had to make an executive decision,,, off to Redwood Park we went.

It’s about a 20 minute drive back down the range so we didn’t want to waste our time if it was going to be raining.


Spangled Drongo
Spangled Drongo also in the Erythrina Blossom.


Regent Bowerbird
Just one more ….. he’s checking us out


We have never seen the park so dry, and were very worried about the wildlife there, as the little creek that we thought was maybe spring fed had also dried up, and has been for quite some time.

We didn’t hear much birdlife either, but as we came past the picnic area we saw a couple of flowering trees….and lots of bird activity around them.

Thank god the little birdies have got something to eat.

The first bird Anthony spotted was the Regent Bowerbird, we just couldn’t believe our luck, and feeding on the nectar of this beautiful flowering type of Coral Tree. Lucky Lucky us 😃😃

Double-barred Finch
This little Double-barred finch was happy to pose for us on the track


Oops … I lied 🙂 This time adopting the standard bird pose for the camera.


We got some great photos and video… see the colours on this bird is incredible, it must be one of the most stunning birds in Australia.
There were other birds too, the Lewins Honeyeater was very plentiful and a Spangled Drongo came in to feed on the nectar as well.
You learn something new every day…. and today we learned that bowerbirds and drongo’s feed on nectar. Amazing hey!!

Eastern Yellow Robin
You don’t walk far through this Park without seeing a Yellow Robin.


Regent Bowerbird
Ready to jump in


We met some nice local ladies walking their dogs so we got chatting.
They told us there was a small trickle of water still coming out of the mountain further up, so off we went.
We weren’t expecting it to be so steep, it took around 30 minutes of climbing and we found a great spot for the wildlife to get some water and a few little pools for the birds to bathe so that made us really happy.
We saw quite a few of the usual birds around here (Double-barred Finches, Honeyeaters, Monarchs etc.) but they were very nervous, we tried to sit quietly for a while but they didn’t like us there.
We couldn’t get any photos or video and didn’t want to disturb them too much plus it was getting on a bit and cuppochino o’clock was calling. We saw a few lizards too so we are so glad we ventured out today.

White-naped Honeyeater
White-naped Honeyeater



Regent Bowerbird
A nice Honeyeater Pose (not bad for a Bowerbird)


IMG_5498 2

Press Play to view Stephanie’s Snippets from today


Hopefully tomorrow the wind eases off so we can do the polishing, otherwise we will miss the boat as we are really running out of time.
Stanthorpe is on severe water restrictions so we won’t be able to wash the Van or Truck there for quite sometime, plus we will be busy working and then nothing gets done.
Please enjoy the amazing photos Anthony got today and of course my little video snippets.
Bye for now Steph and Anthony.

A week in Toowoomba / Redwood Park

Regent Bowerbird - Redwood Park Toowoomba
The stunning Regent Bowerbird of Lower Redwood Park


Well we managed to get quite a lot done over the last week. We had to cut and polish the truck and also the van. Everything’s gleaming now which is how we like it. We had some pretty chilly mornings around 2 degrees, thank god we have 2 heaters, one in the bedroom and one in the lounge which get the van nice and cozy quite quickly in the mornings. The days have been fantastic though, big blue sky everyday. We’ve been down the range to our little bird hotspot at Redwood Park 4 times, we were so worried the first time as it’s so dry everywhere but soon as we walked down to the little creek we could hear lots of bird chatter. There’s a very small amount of water trickling down but it’s isolated to just a couple of small pools now. It must be spring fed, coming up through the rocks so we are so happy that these beautiful birds have this water source here. As you can see by the video and photos, there is a huge number of birds that visit this spot everyday and some of them like the silvereye’s and honeyeater’s are just constantly there, they seem to love bathing.


Little Corella Flyby
Little Corella Flyby, Toowoomba Showgrounds Lagoon


Click or press image for larger view 

A couple of Flyby’s

We do hear other birds coming quite close but they obviously aren’t that fussed on water, like the whip birds, they were so close today, we were sitting so quietly and could hear them making their calls so loud but they didn’t come down. Also some calls we can’t identify but every day we did see a new bird or two. Wow what a place. We have been so spoilt here I wonder how we will cope when we leave. Which is tomorrow by the way.
Crested Shrike Tit - Lower Redwood Park
Crested Shrike Tit – Lower Redwood Park
Scarlet Honeyeater - Lower Redwood Park
Scarlet Honeyeater – Lower Redwood Park


More birds of Redwood Park
Spotted Pardalote - Redwood Park
Spotted Pardalote – Redwood Park
And a few more birds of Redwood
We will be passing through Stanthorpe to visit some friends and then we will drive a bit further south and overnight at the Tenterfield Showgrounds. We have seen platypus in the little creek on the grounds before so hope they are still there. That was quite a few years ago and things always change. We have had a great stay here in Toowoomba, it’s always a great place to catch up on things.
Bye for now Steph and Anthony.
Birds and critters of Redwood Park

And a couple of ring’ins

Redwood Park (Take 3)

A stunninig Male Scarlet Honeyeater, one of the many birds of Redwood Park

Well we had an interesting weekend…. I told you the model railway display was on here at the Showgrounds, well we didn’t realise that everyone would park around us, they just kept on coming out of the woodwork, good thing we weren’t hitching up and going anywhere as it would have been impossible to get the truck near the hitch. 🙄🙄            The display was really good, you can certainly transport yourself to a different world when you really look into the different places and scenarios that those very clever people have created. If you’ve never been to one it’s definitely worth a look.

Oops – Stephanie’s Cuppuchino’s are becoming way to popular
We did manage to wash and polish the van in the afternoon which was great to at least get something done. As you can imagine the polishing is a huge job, I do the bottom and Anthony does the top on a ladder, his poor arms felt it at the end. We do have a big orbital polisher which is fantastic, it does a great job and saves our arms a bit.


Today we couldn’t resist and headed back down the range to Redwood Park, we just had to get another look at that gorgeous Male Rose Robin. Well he only showed up fleetingly, couldn’t even get a photo but his lady friend was quite happy to have a little bath in front of us, she is quite the showgirl.
I finally pulled out my video camera and must have taken a million (slight exaggeration) little snippets of the amazing variety of birds at the hotspot. We had a fantastic morning, Anthony got some great shots yet again. Of course I spent ALL afternoon editing all my little snippets…..I’ve never done this and I can tell you it was really doing my head in, I’ve snipped and cut and deleted and joined and put in text till I’m blue in the face, my god how time-consuming, anyway it has turned into a quite reasonable little video which we have added to our blog so you better like it or I don’t think I will have the aptitude to do another.😬
Tomorrow we are off to a place called Bell, from where we will visit the amazing Bunya Mountains, we do think though that we might have a little time in the morning ( early) to go back to Redwood and see if we can’t possibly capture this little elusive male Rose Robin again, see how we feel in the morning.
Steph and Anthony.

Cooby Dam / Redwood Park (Take 2)

Lesser Wanderer
A ‘backlit’ Lesser Wanderer Butterfly


Well Toowoomba certainly does not disappoint ….

We always thought it was just a little country big smoke, a good place to come to the Showgrounds and do some maintenance work and do some clothes shopping etc but once you get out of the melee it’s got a lot of beautiful nature full of life.


Of course we didn’t even get out of the pod till around 10 ish, as it was pretty frosty this morning. While we were having our morning cappuccino this gorgeous fantail pigeon landed on the truck which was parked next to the van. I guess he must be someone’s pet, he was quite tame, I went out and threw some sunflower seeds for him but he just wanted to sit in the sun and show off his beautiful tail feathers.


We took a drive out North about 30 minutes to Cooby Dam, a beautiful spot with all your standard water birds even some pelicans and black swans. All a bit far away as is usual with dams and lakes there’s generally nothing to hide behind and as soon as you get close they all swim away. There is a nice walk though through the trees and we saw a few birds here, heaps of fairy wrens both the superb and the red backed which Anthony got some photos of. Of course we always see other birds that we don’t get photos of but it’s always nice to be out and about looking for interesting things.
We drove from there back down to Redwood Park as we were pretty keen to go back to our little hotspot. It didn’t disappoint this afternoon, there were so many birds there and the elusive Rose Robin was flying around our heads so Anthony got some nice photos of him and his lady friend. A fantastic couple of hours there.
We still haven’t tackled any of the jobs we wanted to do here, surprise surprise, we still have the weekend but tomorrow there is a model railway happening here at the Showgrounds so we will have to have a look at that, also Sunday morning we are keen to have another look at the hotspot to see if we can get more photos of the robins so it’s pretty hard to give these things up for washing and polishing. 🙄🙄
Enjoy the pics.
Cheers Steph and Anthony.

Toowoomba Region / Redwood Park

Water Bird Habitat

The Waterbird Habitat – Showgrounds Toowoomba

Wow, what a day, it started a bit shabby when we got up extra early to have our pod in at the suspension specialists by 8 am. It seems they forgot about us and wouldn’t have space for at least a few hours, so we trundled back to the Toowoomba Showgrounds and stayed hitched up, got the camera and binoculars out and wandered down to the dam here. We have been to these grounds before but didn’t realise there is quite a bit of bird life there, at least a few hundred Plumed whistling ducks, they are just gorgeous with their continuous whistling chatter, a pair of night herons hiding in the trees, two pink eared ducks plus of course the standard cormorants and black ducks etc. Anthony got some great photos of a little corella flying over the dam, there are hundreds of those around here.

Corellas at the Showgrounds

Eventually we could take the van in at 10:30am. Then we drove down to the bottom of the range to a place called Redwood Park, blink and you would miss it, we only knew about it after googling birdwatching in Toowoomba and Wow, is there some bird life there. Lots of bugs and crickets which equals lots of birds and this really isn’t a good time for birdwatching being almost the start of winter. There’s heaps of walking tracks but we didn’t walk very far at all and found a great spot where the honeyeaters were coming down to drink in a rock pool. We will definitely go back for another look and walk a bit further and also I reckon in spring or summer it must be amazing there, we will have to come back somehow then.

Birds of Redwood Park
We picked the van up late afternoon and all went well though we do have a few more issues to deal with ( under there) there is always something . So we had a really good day, great weather and tomorrow we really have to start some maintenance work, washing, polishing, paint the roof, do some siliconing , amongst quite a few annoying little jobs we havent had time to deal with, though it might be a late start with 3 degrees expected in the morning😬😬
Enjoy the pics, Cheers
Steph and Anthony.