From Mountains to the Sea

Picturesque Dolphin Bay, SamRoiYod


Wow wow wow ….

What else can I say? Check out our new digs!! Palace more like it with Palace gardens, this little mini resort should be on the cover of a glossy travel magazine, absolutely stunning. It’s called Stella Resort just up the road from Dolphin Bay where all the fancy resorts are. Our room is beautiful too and spotless, really when I looked at that pool I just wanted to get my bikini on and lounge around it for the rest of the afternoon, the lady here does meals and even massages, what a beautiful relaxing place and check out the mountains in the distance.


How amazing does this scene look? At our new Digs


We really wanted to check out the area as we only have 3 nights here….tick tock tick tock, so no time to relax just yet, plus we hadn’t had lunch, looks like we might be combining lunch and dinner. The surrounds here are amazing, that mountain range is awesome and the coast is pretty good too. We found a nice restaurant by the beach , fantastic Thai food, there’s restaurants and bars most of the way along Dolphin Bay.
The fishing village of Bang Pu was so colourful, all those brightly painted boats made for great photos, oh yes and look at the Hoopoes almost at arms reach on the lawn of a resort after we spent quite sometime stalking them at the dam this morning.


A couple of snaps from around SamRoiYod
A quick look a SamRoiYod including Dolphin Bay and Bang Pu
Anyway enjoy the video and pics, we are really excited to do more exploring tomorrow,
Bye, Steph and Anthony.

Koh Samui – Departure

The Amazing Flower of the Cannonball Tree

Well we got up early to go to our favourite breakfast cafe from last year only to find that it wasn’t open and hasn’t been open for quite sometime. The couple who owned it were really nice and we were looking forward to seeing them too, so that was a real shame. We did find another little cafe/ bakery that was open early which was fine, I think all the food places on Koh Samui must be pretty good. We couldn’t think of anything else to do so went to the airport way early and it’s quite funny because when you arrive in Koh Samui you don’t see much of the airport though it looked quite nice and tropical but honestly the departure section is definetly worth seeing and writing about, I’ve never seen such a beautiful airport, yes you did hear that right…airports aren’t generally known for their beauty are they?


An Airport with a difference
Last year we didn’t fly out but took the ferry over to the mainland so we were so surprised to see the amazing gardens and little water lilly covered canals everywhere and so many different flowering plants and trees, it was like a botanical gardens. There were cafes and very high quality shops leading down to the departure lounge, birds flying around everywhere and Anthony got some amazing photos of some dragonflies. The cannonball trees were something to see with their enormous cannonball fruits I wonder what dinosaur would have eaten them🙄🙄


 ‘Just Landed’ …. Some pretty cool looking Dragonflies 
We couldn’t believe we were taking so many photos at the airport but when you see the photos you will see why, it puts the rest of the island to shame really as we think it’s quite grotty away from the resorts.
Cheers Steph and Anthony.