Back to the (real) Jungle

Giant False Leaf Katydid - Pseudophyllus titan
Giant False Leaf Katydid – Pseudophyllus titan


Hello everyone, we had a good transition day, a leisurely taxi ride to the airport, not much traffic as it’s Sunday, what a great day to leave Bangkok. We picked up the car, no problems, we were there early but they still had the car ready for us. We arrived at our new abode the Arantakiri Resort which is only about 5 kms from the gates into the Khao Yai National Park. It’s nice surrounds here, apart from lots of dogs over the other side of the river barking alot, it is quite peaceful. We had a quick walk around, found some new dragonflies and that beautiful extra large grasshopper, what a beauty the pattern on its body is amazing, it screeched because Anthony put his hand on it and he couldn’t see what he touched,he thought there was a frog in that bush. It’s actually called a Giant False-Leaf Katydid and we always feel so lucky to stumble across these amazing creatures. I hope we never lose that feeling of awe and excitement and respect for all the critters we see, we wish that others could look at them the same way.


A short video of our new digs and surrounds

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Some critters to greet us
On the entry road to the park there is loads of restaurants and cafes so looks like we have quite a choice for meals though our lunches we will have in the park, there is also a good array of food stalls there. We will get up early to spend as much time as we can in the park over the next 5 days, we are so excited, can’t wait,
Bye for now Steph and Anthony.