A Touch of Cairns Nature

Featured Image : Striated Heron – on the prowl at Centerary Lakes


We have been out and about while in Cairns. There is some great spots for birdwatching at Centenary Lakes and also out further to The Cattana Wetlands.
We did look along the northern side of the Esplanade at low tide, saw plenty of Shore Birds but too far away for photos.
The Torres Strait Pigeons have arrived for nesting and they are very busy.
For quite a plain bird (black & white) they are beautiful looking and we hope with a bit more time Anthony will get better photos.

Jade Vine (above)

and other Flora from the Botanical Gardens


A short boardwalk from Centenary Lakes leads to Flecker Botanical Gardens, usually                                           teaming with Butterflies, like the Cairns Birdwing…..                            Better luck next time I guess.


We couldn’t believe how close we got to the Double-eyed Fig Parrots at Centenary Lakes. We also couldn’t believe how out in the open they were, we have been looking and looking in all the fruiting fig trees with no luck and thought this would be an impossible bird to see, let alone get fantastic photos and video off.

We don’t know what the tree was that they were munching in but it was quite sparse of leaves which made for great viewing, a male Mistletoe bird also came in a few times for a snack.



Featured Bird : Double-eyed Fig-parrot (male above)




IMG_5498 2

Press Play to view Steph’s Video Snippets


Yellow-striped Flutterer


How time flies……Tomorrow we are off on the big jet plane to Thailand, we still haven’t come to grips with it yet but guess we will have one hell of a reality check when we get to the airport🙄🙄


The Pied Imperial (Torres Strait) Pigeons have returned to nest



While overseas we will be staying on the island of Koh Samui.
We know it really well now, we have a great Dentist there and have some favourite eateries etc. we also hire a car and drive around the Island and up the Mountains.
They do have some birdlife and amazing lizards so we will do our best to get a nice Blog together in the next 5 days.
Bye for now, Steph and Anthony.




Lace Monitor (Goana) trying not to be seen