Urunga and Valla Beaches & Estuaries

Urunga estuaries and boardwalk


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Beautiful Urunga beach & estuaries 


Common residents of Urunga


More critters


Another fantastic day in paradise. We went for a short drive into the town of Urunga, only about 5 minutes away, it’s a nice village type town, quite small and you can walk from there to the boardwalk down by the estuary. The boardwalk is 1 km long and goes out to the headland and beach, so nice and peaceful walking along there, lots of banksias along the way so we could hear a few honeyeaters in them, but couldn’t get a photo. There’s another off shoot from  the boardwalk that goes down further into the estuary and we saw 2 Brahminy kites flying around. Also missed out on good photos as we didn’t see them till too late but we will get our canoe  out soon and go for a paddle, to see if we can get better photos. We think they are building a nest there.


Boardwalk over Deepwater creek to Valla Beach


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Just a couple of birds

Murals in progress – Urunga
We drove from there to Valla beach, another perk spot in paradise, another estuary and short boardwalk going over the  creek there. We certainly picked a nice day for it, hardly any wind and warm and sunny. It looks like it will be raining over the weekend, we can’t remember the last time we were in rain so it will be a change, we might have to go shopping instead of exploring…..
Cheers, Steph and Anthony.
The beauty of Urunga and Valla Beaches & Estuaries