Bangkok – Benjakiti Park

Benjakiti Park, our saviour in Bangkok
Our saviour in Bangkok – Benjakiti Park

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Well it’s our last day in Bangers, it all turned out not too badly after all. We thought we had some major catastrophe happening with the bone grafting in my implant not taking, but more grafting was done today, actually injected in which I had never heard off, but we have got a whiz bang dentist that also teaches at the University in Bangkok. He has a practice in Koh Samui and one here in Bangkok.

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 Benjakiti Park

We have been able to easily walk to the Benjakiti Park and what a surprise it was, as you can see by the photos we saw many birds , dragonflies, butterflies, lizards and that beautiful snake. It was quite busy there this morning being Saturday so we caused a little bit of interest from people probably curious as to what were taking photos of, being the only people with a huge camera. Of course we didn’t point the snake out, he was so well camouflaged and anyway ( Most people are so terrified of snakes they miss the sheer beauty of their movement). We didn’t want to cause a panic or worst case the snake gets hurt, better off to be hidden,  he was just gorgeous.
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The Golden Tree Snake or AKA Flying Snake and a couple of Lizards


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A collection of Dragonflies from the Park


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And we got some Birds
We are so glad the park is there, it kept us occupied in this sprawling concrete jungle, though we have adapted quite well, have found great eateries and good cuppachino’s, but still will be very exited to head out to our favourite national park -Khao Yai tomorrow.
We will get a taxi to the airport and pick up a hire car from there again, we probably won’t get out to the park till late afternoon but have got 5 nights there.
Bye for now Steph and Anthony.






From green to concrete (Jungle)

The day began with a calm Dragonfly hunt before heading to the big smoke

Well the trip to Bangers was quite eventful, all went well till we were about 70 kms away then it just got more and more congested. We think we did manage to get the best route to the airport though when going through a toll road booth we got stopped by a policeman, he wasn’t very happy with us. As you can imagine it’s not the best place to stop and they wanted Anthony out of the car, we were really distressed as we didn’t know what we had done wrong. The policeman couldn’t speak a word of English but Anthony slowly worked out that we had crossed a solid white line in the lanes leading up to the toll booths…..a very big no no. I mean what tourist would be looking at the road anyway in that absolute schamozzle coming up to toll booths, the traffic is crazy and we really have to shuffle to get in the right lane. He wanted to fine us so we were happy to pay but you could only do it at a police station, and then it either seemed too hard or maybe we will get a bill later through the hire car company but thankfully he let us go. Phew what a relief I can tell you. I took a little video as I was left in the car twiddling my thumbs,quite stressed couldn’t think of anything else to do.


Our Drive to Bangkok and Digs


Shortly thereafter we had an absolute torrential downpour with thunder and lighting, couldn’t see a thing, would have taken a video but really had to be co driver, last thing we want is to be a statistic on a Bangkok highway.
Our purpose to go to the airport actually is to drop the hire car there instead of driving into the city, we had picked it up from there and it’s much better just getting a taxi into the city to our hotel for 4 days for dental treatment.
Last year we had been to Koh Samui and saw a fantastic dentist there for major dental work and  an implant each….for some bizarre reasoning we thought it would be easier having things finished off in Bangkok. When Anthony looked at the maps he thought this dental surgery was quite far from the city not realising that the city goes for ever, so don’t worry , we have learnt our mistake and any future treatment will be back in Koh Samui.🙄🙄
Our hotel tower is 32 floors and we are on floor 18, I hate high rises and not much choice, I just won’t look out the window and everything is around us so just have to chill till we can get back to nature on Sunday, all going well of course.
Bye for now
Cheers Steph and Anthony.