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9 thoughts on “Say Hello

  1. Hey Eddy, good to hear from you. Permanently based at Nimbin now, drop in anytime, mates rates 👍. Great pics 🙏✌️


  2. Cheers Ian, thanks and glad you like the pics. Mate Nimbin was built for you. We are certainly hoping to get down that way in Oct before we start back at work in Nov. and will sure make the effort. Good on ya Mac 🙂


  3. Wishing you both a very happy Christmas from dark and wet southern Ireland. Missing your shots and updates. Chuck in that job as soon as possible 😁.
    Best wishes for 2019 and safe travels all through the year.
    Dorothy Heaphy


  4. And also wishing you a fabulous Christmas and New Year Dorothy from Sunny Queensland 😀🌞 Yes this Job is full on, however it does fund our 5 months off a year so shouldn’t complain. The winters there must get very depressing, although I’m sure you are quite use to them. Thanks very much for all your support and chats throughout the year. Have fun 🌝🌝🌝


  5. Hello Anthony and Stephanie, we met you at Tyto Wetlands. We arrived in Cairns a few days ago. Please call in to see us if you have time.


  6. Hi Jannette, Thanks very much for contacting us and supplying your details. swe will certainly knock on your door if or when we make it down to the big smoke. Enjoy your winter
    Warm regards
    Anthony & Stephanie


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