Tyto Wetlands – Birders Paradise

Tyto Wetlands
Tyto Wetlands main veiwing platform


Well since the last blog we have moved on to Ingham, only about an hour north of Bluewater.

It’s your typical North Queensland country town but they do have a jewel in their crown….. The Tyto Wetlands.

We have been going mornings and afternoons for the last 5 days and it’s just fantastic for birdwatching.

The path is a very wide mowed strip of grass so besides looking down for snakes….. you have plenty of freedom to look around for birds.

It’s very open there and we have seen quite a few flybys, a Pacific Baza, Brown Goshawk, Whistling Kites, the usual Darters and Herons etc. but boy you have to be quick.

Anthony has missed out on those but we are here a bit longer so will keep trying.


Mistletoe Birds everywhere at the moment. Usually quite high. However this young female gave us quite a show

Yesterday we spotted the Little Kingfisher, he is always in the same area but hardly comes out from the shade of the trees so we will have to be really patient there to get a good photo. The bird list here is really impressive, it would be nice to hang out here indefinitely to see new birds coming in, everyday we have seen something different but we will move on north next week, and visit again on our way back south around October. We have also been blessed with fantastic weather, blue skies every day so lucky as the bad weather only just broke the day before we came here.


Male Leaden Flycatcher ; Tyto Wetlands
Male Leaden Flycatcher ; Tyto Wetlands



Anthony has captured some amazing photos, many have been chosen for the Flickr Gallery of Excellence. He is very happy. So we will do more blogs of Tyto as the photos come in.


Darter : Tyto Wetylands
“Morning Call” : Male Darter


There’s other amazing places to see within an hours drive from here, Wallaman falls and Broadwater National Park and the coast so we are also looking forward to visiting them over the next few days. Enjoy the pics and bye for now.

Steph and Anthony.


Inflight Chalky Percher Dragonfly
Inflight Chalky Percher Dragonfly : Tyto Wetlands

4 thoughts on “Tyto Wetlands – Birders Paradise

  1. Guys! Im so enjoying taking this trip with you. The photos are as usual amazing, both in variety and skill. It sounds like heaven on earth. So glad you are enjoying it and I’m relieved and glad you got your home on wheels fixed. Whilst unlucky to have such a problem in the first place, you were really lucky no one was injured through having a more disastrous unveiling of the issues. I wish you safe travels and many more brilliant photos and blog postings in the months ahead.
    Regards from the armchair traveller in Ireland. Dorothy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Dorothy, Thank you so much for your appreciation, well wishes and concerns. You are very kind. Yes our holidays are back on track, or so we thought, we have both developed some dental issues, so it’s off to Koh Samui, Thailand early September for a few days to sort them out. Dentists here are way too expensive and behind in technology, so we just have to rough it for a bit :)))) Trust your Irish weather is being kind and allowing you to get out and about.
      Cheers for now
      Very kind Regards Anthony & Stephanie


  2. What a fantastic blog very well described and such a variety of birdlife and that beautiful big blue sky. I hope we can spend more time at Tyto soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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