Wings clipped in Monto

Well things are progressing really well with our repairs. Yesterday morning a boilermaker come out to the Van park at Cania Gorge and welded up some of the cracks to make the hitch strong enough to be towed to their yard in Monto. We were hoping not to move the van but upon closer inspection we found the main beam was totally split through and totally warped so that had to be replaced and it was going to be a major job, too big and also to noisy for that beautiful place of serenity.

Campers woken by the sweet sound of a grinder…

We were super anxious towing it the 26 kms to town, of course we drove Very Very slowly with our hazard lights on, it’s not a busy stretch of road anyway so we weren’t too much of a bother for other motorists. We still felt every bump, even at 30 km/h, it seemed to take forever to get here.

Nice and snug at DJ’s

We are now parked in DJ’s Steel and Concrete yard, on concrete with power and water connected and even have the Catmax enclosure out so Chloe is happy. The guys here are really super helpful and are happy for us to totally expose all the beams and stringers which took us almost 5 hours, quite a big job but we did really well. We couldn’t budge our front wardrobe floor so Anthony bought a jigsaw and cut it out but now we will turn the floor into a inspection hatch…..keep an eye on those frames.

The broken front support beam

We also managed to pivot the whole nose cone (the bit with the eagle on it) out about 2 feet and wedged it open with timber chocks so the boilermaker can get to that pesky front beam.

Time to modify our front wardrobe

We woke this morning at 4 am to drizzle, quickly realised we had some joins etc open on the roof so quickly dragged our big tarp over the front roof, thank god we had that….and it’s pretty much rained all day, how typical is that. But this hasn’t stopped the progress as it’s nice and dry under the front and we think they might have their job done today so tomorrow, hopefully it’s dry so we can have the task of painting all the new steel, and putting back the giant jigsaw puzzle we have created. We took photos of all the wiring , we had to disconnect a lot of things, luckily there is a great electrical shop here as well so it really has been a great place to break down.

And it rained all day

We can’t say enough good things about the workers here at DJ’s…..they are so super busy with mining and farming jobs so we are extremely grateful they could just squeeze us in.

Well we have plenty of photos so please…..anyone else with a fifth wheeler……have a good look at all this hidden framework, it’s a real disaster waiting to happen. A bit like having your house eaten away by termites before you even realise.

Out with the old
In with the re-enforced new

Will get more photos when everything’s tickity boo again.

Bye for now, Steph and Anthony.

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