A day at Australia Zoo


Well here we are again. It’s great to be out and about after 7 months of thinning and picking apples. It’s been a hard season, not so much for us but the Stanthorpe area is in drought and all the dams on our farm ran dry so as you can imagine it’s not good when farmers have to cart water to keep their fruit or crops alive. We are hoping it does rain up there so we will have jobs to go back to in November. Everyone has been extreme water restrictions since around Xmas time so there was no washing of the truck or van for quite some time. We also had some record low temperatures for May, one morning being minus 8 degrees, I can tell you we really don’t like the cold and we’re so glad to finally finish the picking and escape to somewhere with water.

So our first stop as usual was Toowoomba which was great for getting things cleaned up and it’s only a two hour run from Stanthorpe. Things always feel a bit strange when we haven’t moved for so long so we try to do a short trip for our first in a while.

Chloe ( our rescued cat) settled straight back into travelling too which is fantastic, she has come along so well, we still give her spirulina everyday and she is super healthy now.

Madagascan Ringtailed Lemur
Sumatran Tiger chewing on a bone
Meerkat on alert (as always)
A (cheeky) young Giraffe
Southern White Rhinoceros
Red Kangaroo


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More Mammal images

We have now made it to the Sunshine Coast to visit family and friends…..Anthony has bought himself a new Tamron 150-600mm lens that he was super keen to try out. We were short on time with all the family and friends catch ups so decided to visit the Australia Zoo this afternoon. We thought we at least would get a chance at seeing a few birds etc and Wowsers we absolutely walked our socks off. That place is enormous and so much to see. We didn’t even see any of the shows as we just wanted to get some photos but it’s so worth a visit and the animal enclosures are fantastic, we could have easily spent the whole day there.

Rose-crowned Fruitdove
Green-winged Macaw
Glossy Ibis (adult breeding)
Emerald Dove.
Eclectus Parrot


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More Bird images


A short video clip of our visit


As you can see by the photos and video there are some amazing animals , a lot from Australia of course but plenty from other countries too, it’s fantastic.

Some fantastic statues around the Park


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A Wild Azure Kingfisher visiting the Zoo
And another wild visitor – Great Egret

We now feel like our holiday has started at last and the next few months we will be heading north, tomorrow only up to the Pomona Showgrounds but there’s some nice wetlands to explore and maybe a little mountain to climb…..not sure how our legs would cope having been shaken to bits on the cherry picker machines for the last seven months, but would be nice to see if we are still fit enough. So we will see how things progress and hope to get some more great photos coming your way soon, bye for now Steph and Anthony.

Scrub Turkey Photo Bomb

6 thoughts on “A day at Australia Zoo

  1. Hi guys,

    Sounds like you’re ready for your break and what a start! My favourite pic is the cheeky giraffe 🙂

    Glad Chloe is settling in, no doubt she’d be wanting the warmer climate too. My boys, Loki and Lenny are loving the cold weather here in Canberra, it means snuggle time.

    Im in Port Macquarie for the night and heading back today. My dad and his partner are at the Wauchope showgrounds and I saw my brothers new house (he’s been there for three years), and I finally met my great nephew who’s just turned 1. A fleeting visit but very family oriented which was special.

    Glad you’re both well and I look forward to your next stop.

    Safe travels Nadine x

    On Fri, 14 Jun. 2019, 07:44 WanderingEagles – Travel & Nature Photography Anthony and Stephanie posted: ” Well here we are again. It’s great > to be out and about after 7 months of thinning and picking apples. It’s > been a hard season, not so much for us but the Stanthorpe area is in > drought and all the dams on our farm ran dry so ” >


    1. Hi Nadine, as always, great to hear from you.
      We haven’t been to Australia Zoo since before Steve Erwin died. It was great to get a huge animal fix after being at work.
      Yesterday we had a short trip from Beerwah to Pomona. Whilst in the process of parking our van at the Showgrounds, we noticed fluid pouring out from under the engine. Turned out to be Power steering/brake booster fluid hose burst (a ship stopper) what great luck however, to be parked in a beautiful place and not stuck on the side of a highway. Should be fixed on Monday. Meanwhile we are looking at Mount Pomona, which we are climbing this morning, which will test our fitness. We are truely blessed.
      Sounds like you had some nice family time, as we are having here (Mum, 2 brothers and a flock of Nieces and Nephews.
      Winter in Canberra, wow how do you handle it year after year?
      I guess snuggling up to your puddies helps.
      Take good care of yourself Beautiful
      Anthony & Stephanie xx


  2. Hi guys!
    Beautiful photos and great video (how darn cute are the Lemurs). It’s been a long time since we visited Australia Zoo. Must go back some time. Look forward to your next post.
    Safe travels,
    Kris 🙂


    1. Hey Thanks so much Kris for your kind comments.
      Yes it had been many years between visits for us too. We had a great day.
      Just now finished climbing Mt Cooroora, Pomona, a real Joy.
      Thank you again
      Anthony & Stephanie 😀😀😀


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