Birding -Valla Beach & Macksville Surrounds

Striated Pardalote on guard Valla Beach

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Some birds from Valla Beach



Another day at Valla Beach


Welcome Swallow
Welcome Swallow resting on the bridge over Deep Creek


Well we had some horrible rainy weather come through a few days ago so caught up on some inside jobs instead of going out. We woke up to rain again yesterday but after looking on the weather radar it seemed our best option was to drive south a little as the heaviest rain was to the north. We felt like we had hardly moved for a whole day so really had to get out. It was a smart move as we only drove 10 minutes to Valla beach and the sky was patchy blue and hooray….the sun was shinning. This is such a beautiful spot, it really lifts your spirits to spend time in these amazing places. The estuarine waters seem to change colour with the sky. We walked over the bridge and we always see a few birds of prey here, and this time we also saw a few striated herons which we hadn’t seen before. There’s a track on the other side that goes all the way to Nambucca heads, we headed up to the mouth of the inlet first but a huge black cloud had its eye on us and we had to get cracking to get back to the truck before we got rained on. After the shower passed the blue sky appeared and it looked clear for a while. We walked down the other track for a  bit and saw lots of birds, there’s a few spots where you can walk to the beach as well so it’s definitely a place we will revisit many times.


Little Black Cormorant
Little Black Cormorant at Warrell Creek


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Some birds from Gumma Reserve



Birds of Gumma Reserve & Macksville

Today we picked up one of my besties living in Nambucca and drove a little further south again to Macksville,it’s always good to have another pair of birdwatching eyes too. Macksville is a cute little country town with a small lake that just happened to have a whole flock of royal spoonbills roosting there. We have struggled to get close to these amazing birds and have only ever seen maybe two at one time so we were amazed to see so many together. We had a fantastic cuppochino and lunch at a little cafe there so will definetly go back for another visit. We also walked along a part of Warrell creek at the Gumma reserve which was another great spot for birdwatching. The creek is quite narrow here and across the other side is all national park, this would be a great spot to put our canoe in as we can park the truck right next to the creek so  don’t have to carry the canoe too far. We really need a nice day for that with no rain in sight. So another couple of fantastic days in paradise, hope you enjoy the pics and videos.
All the best, Steph and Anthony.

A handsome pair of King Parrots

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