Dorrigo National Park, NSW

Crystal Showers Falls, Dorrigo National Park
Crystal Showers Falls, Dorrigo National Park

Well our little trip to Urunga went well, with traffic getting through Coffs Harbour it was around an hour. We decided to leave Chloe in the van instead of stressing her out by putting her in the pet carrier and then in the noisy truck. We had plenty of time so we slowly packed things away, she only started to notice something was up when we put the sliding walls in but we just patted and reassured her a lot and she was fine.

When we pulled up at the van park in Urunga I quickly checked on her and she was miaowing and had wedged herself between the bed and the cupboard so that was good, she came out straight away and had her tail up and was quite vocal but in a good way so she got lots of pats and once we had set up again she was fine. We will put another concertina door in, blocking off the bedroom so she will be locked in there with her litter tray when travelling and it’s not a big space with the bedroom slide in so hopefully she will get used to it.  Our other two cats always travelled in the van but were clever enough to wedge themselves into our bed pillows and look out the window and watch the world go by.
Our camping spot on the River at Urunga and collapsible Cat Outdoor enclosure
We have a nice spot here on the river so will be able to blow up our little two man canoe and see if we can get some photos of some river birds maybe. Today we drove up to Dorrigo, we have been there before and it’s a great little village, we had brunch at a nice cafe then walked around the National Park for the afternoon which is another beautiful spot in nature. It’s very dry at the moment but rain is coming for the weekend. It was rather cool up there though so we had jumpers on all day. A lot of birds have migrated north but we still saw quite a few and saw 3 Lyrebirds which was great, they are normally quite elusive.


Dorrigo National Park 



We feel very relaxed here and have many day trips planned so stay tuned.
Bye  for now Steph and Anthony.

2 thoughts on “Dorrigo National Park, NSW

  1. Hello!
    Greetings from Southern Ireland!
    I have frequently ‘fav’d’ many of your beautiful photos on the fliker page ”The Beauty of Australian Nature” but only recently started following your blog. (I’m slow finding things!!) However… I am getting such a great kick out of it the last few days as every year (Feb/March time usually) I stay in Sawtell, and Woolgoolga area. Love Urunga and the wetlands there were amazing this April filled with water lilies and flies etc. Should get some good birds there so I hope you found it…. it’s a funded regeneration area ‘wetlands’. There’s more to Urunga than the boardwalk so hope you found it? Anyway, just popping in to say hello and to say thanks for saying where you get to take some of the shots. It means a lot to someone like me who doesn’t the knowledge a native might have or experience of where to go looking.


    1. Hi Dorothy, thank you so much for taking the time to write to us, your faves and comments on Flickr are always appreciated. We are so happy you are enjoying our Blog also.
      You certainly no how to pick spots in Oz to stay. The Coffs region is very magical. From the mountains to the sea. Amazing birdlife, although summer is a better time of year with the addition of migrants. We have only just arrived and will be spending a few weeks in the area. Yesterday was a bit of a ‘wrecky’ , and we look forward to seeing beyond the tourist spots like what your saying about the Urunga Wetlands.
      Trust you are enjoying Summer in your beautiful part of the world. I think I may have mentioned to you that we love Ireland and the Irish ☘️
      Enjoy life, and thank you once again.

      Warm Regards
      Ant & Steph


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