Back in Oz



A video of our rig


Well how quickly things can change. Guess where we are now???? Back in Australia 🤩🤩🤩 When we were going to Kuala Lumpur we found a good flight going back to Brisbane. I think we were getting jungle fever and the prospect of spending another 3 weeks travelling the jungles of Malaysia really filled us with dread. We were really sick of sweating every day, you don’t mind too much if you are seeing interesting things but like I said before, we were really struggling to find wildlife and didn’t think it would be any better on the mainland. We had to make an executive decision where we could cancel upcoming accomodation without losing too much money, of course we had to pay for new flights back and it was the flight from hell. Won’t go into details as everyone has had them, but we were so glad to get back, picked up our truck and van and stocked up with loads of veggies…..I feel like I haven’t eaten properly for so long. We will now go on a health kick and get our body’s back to a better state. I was thinking of trying to make pina coladas as I was quite indulging in them but it doesn’t really go with a health kick does it ?? I will just have to go cold turkey.

I took a little video of hitching up our pod as we call it and we are back in the Landsborough Pines caravan park that we were before we flew out. We will stay 4 days and then head back up to Toowoomba for maybe a week to catch up on some maintenance work on the van and then probably head south just a little bit. So now we have our Australian adventure, we always love travelling here too, we find amazing places in nature and haven’t been down south for quite a few years.
Cheers and bye for now, Steph and Anthony.

6 thoughts on “Back in Oz

  1. Hi Steph and Anthony,

    Good to see you are back in your pod safe and sound. Landsborough looks like a nice spot to kick back and relax.


  2. Thanks so much for the ride guys absolutely awesome!!! boy you certainly experience the different style of holiday!!! I was knackered trying to keep up with you. anyway welcome back to the land of down under and there’s nothing wrong with cold turkey Steff as long as you have it with a bit of salad eh!!! cheers.


    1. Haha Thanks heaps for that. Funny that … the locals though we were quite strange , wanting to go it alone (in our own transport) off the beaten track (without guides or tours) … Overall it was an interesting experience and I fulfilled a dream of seeing the mighty Orangutan in the Wild before its too late. Gotta be happy with that. Cheers Guys 🙂


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