Khao Yai National Park



Wow, what a day, we got up early and got out to the Khao Yai National Park  nice and early around 7am. It was such a great feeling revisiting this park as we had spent 4 days here last year.


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We already had a heads up as to the best places to see birds and where some of the fruiting trees are, though we are a month early this year and those particular trees aren’t fruiting just yet. But it didn’t matter as the best way to see birds is to just drive around slowly with your windows down and if you hear anything different or lots of bird chatter you just pull over a bit and put your hazard lights on and people here are very obliging and they go around you. Everyone does it here and it’s a great way to see birds as it’s more open on the roads than trying to spot them in the dense rainforest.





You get these bird storms here where all of a sudden a whole bunch of birds will just arrive and there would be maybe 6 or 8 different species of birds all hanging out together. It’s crazy and hard for Anthony to know where to point the camera because I’m so excited too and telling him what I am seeing through my binoculars so it gets a bit confusing. Of course males are the best colours so we try to focus on them( sorry girls). But this didn’t happen today but we probably weren’t in the right spot.


The Sights and sounds of Khao Yai

It’s a fantastic park with so much variety, there’s waterfalls, rivers,  lakes, open grasslands too. Their wildlife list is incredible. Anyway the photos and video speak for themselves, we are really tired now and want to get up there just a little bit earlier as the sun was already pesky at 7 am, Enjoy.
Bye for now Steph and Anthony.


A visitor just outside our Digs tonight

2 thoughts on “Khao Yai National Park

  1. Hi Guys, so glad you are having a great time at Khao Yai, photos are amazing. Just wanted to let you know that Dad is in hospital in a pretty bad way. He was taken to Victor but was transferred this afternoon to Flinders in Adelaide. Apparently he has internal bleeding, his kidneys are shot,and has heart probs as we. he also has pneumonia. Alan has been with him Brandt flew down today and Darren & Netty arrive there about midnight tonight. Peter is going Saturday I think.I know you cant be there, but I wanted to let you know. I guess I will hear more tomorrow. Take really good care lots of love Mum, Marcy & Jeffxxxooo


    1. How very Sad …. feeling pretty helpless here in the mountains of Thailand. Very glad my brothers are heading down to be with him. We can only hope he can recover from this, however it sounds very serious. Bye for now xx


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