Bangkok to Kaeng Krachan

Our Hotel in Bangkok
Waving to the neighbours – Aranta Airport Hotel, Bangkok

Well what can I say about Bangkok?. We hated it. We would never normally bother visiting such a toxic metropolis but sadly we had dental appointments and our grand plan of spending as much time in nature as possible is now being encroached upon with yet more dental visits next week…not so easy peasy as we first thought.

Our Digs in Bangkok 
Meanwhile today things seemed a bit better and we left the hotel, picked up our rental car from the airport and drove almost 3 hours away from the big smoke.
The peacful surroundings of Rivercreek Estate 
Anthony found us the most beautiful place in paradise, the birds are chirping here , the dragonflies and butterflies seem to be in abundance and we only walked around the property here for maybe an hour, got some great photos already and tomorrow we visit the biggest national park in Thailand ( Kaeng Krachan) so are really looking forward to that. Our new abode is called Rivercreek Estate and it’s a really nice spot here on the river, we both feel so much better getting back into nature.
Critters of Rivercreek Estate
So be prepared for lots of photos coming over the next 3 days, the birdlife in the Park is supposed to be amazing  and we plan on going every day.😀😀
Cheers for now Steph and Anthony.

6 thoughts on “Bangkok to Kaeng Krachan

  1. Hi Tony & Stephanie
    Awesome blogs and images, apologies for not responding earlier. A thousand excuses and none!
    Travel safe!
    Love Pete & family


  2. Hi Steph and Anthony,
    Glad you are back in nature now where you belong. Amazing how many different bird species over there.

    Love Denise


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