The Bunya Mountains Region

Wedge-tailed Eagle
The Majestic Wedge-tailed Eagle

Hello everyone, well we didn’t have time to revisit Redwood Park so we will be very excited to head back that way maybe at the end of our holiday time just before we go back to Stanthorpe.

The Caravan Park and some resident critters
We have been in Bell now a few days and there’s really not much to the town itself, there’s quite a few shops that are well and truly closed and a bit run down which only leaves one general store with a couple of fuel bowsers, one cafe, the van park of course which is really nice and not much else.
Birds we met on the way to the Bunya’s
The drive from here to the Bunyas is fine, it’s only about 35 kms. but there’s a couple of kms of dirt road and then once you hit the mountains it’s all up, up and up very steep and very windy with lots of hairpin bends.
On the dirt section there were 4 Wedgetail Eagles, they were squabbling with a bunch of crows over a couple of kangaroo carcasses in a paddock. It was great to see them flying around and banking in the morning sun, such a huge magnificent bird, always one of our favourites to see. Anthony managed to get one good photo and we are thinking to head back there  a bit earlier in the morning to try and get some action photos . We also saw the cockatiels where the black shouldered kites were the day before, and then also the falcon on the way home, always a lot to see when you really start looking. We are always scanning the trees etc when driving, well I am, of course Anthony has his eyes on the road hopefully…..


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The Bunya Mountains National Park
It’s very dry down here but once you get up into the mountains it’s so green and beautiful and cold,around 7 degrees cooler than down here.Theres so many walks up there all pretty much in the rainforest, very dark , very hard to get good photos of anything. But still beautiful walking around, we certainly did some kms. We would have liked more photos, we did hear the Noisy pita a few times and saw a lot of Satin bowerbirds but just too far away. The little wallabies are just gorgeous and we got stuck in the fantastic cafe a few times.
Watch a Video of the Bunya’s Here
So we had a great time here , will spend tomorrow catching up on things before we head to the coast.
Cheers, Steph and Anthony.
Find out more about the Bunya’s here

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