Redwood Park (Take 3)

A stunninig Male Scarlet Honeyeater, one of the many birds of Redwood Park

Well we had an interesting weekend…. I told you the model railway display was on here at the Showgrounds, well we didn’t realise that everyone would park around us, they just kept on coming out of the woodwork, good thing we weren’t hitching up and going anywhere as it would have been impossible to get the truck near the hitch. 🙄🙄            The display was really good, you can certainly transport yourself to a different world when you really look into the different places and scenarios that those very clever people have created. If you’ve never been to one it’s definitely worth a look.

Oops – Stephanie’s Cuppuchino’s are becoming way to popular
We did manage to wash and polish the van in the afternoon which was great to at least get something done. As you can imagine the polishing is a huge job, I do the bottom and Anthony does the top on a ladder, his poor arms felt it at the end. We do have a big orbital polisher which is fantastic, it does a great job and saves our arms a bit.


Today we couldn’t resist and headed back down the range to Redwood Park, we just had to get another look at that gorgeous Male Rose Robin. Well he only showed up fleetingly, couldn’t even get a photo but his lady friend was quite happy to have a little bath in front of us, she is quite the showgirl.
I finally pulled out my video camera and must have taken a million (slight exaggeration) little snippets of the amazing variety of birds at the hotspot. We had a fantastic morning, Anthony got some great shots yet again. Of course I spent ALL afternoon editing all my little snippets…..I’ve never done this and I can tell you it was really doing my head in, I’ve snipped and cut and deleted and joined and put in text till I’m blue in the face, my god how time-consuming, anyway it has turned into a quite reasonable little video which we have added to our blog so you better like it or I don’t think I will have the aptitude to do another.😬
Tomorrow we are off to a place called Bell, from where we will visit the amazing Bunya Mountains, we do think though that we might have a little time in the morning ( early) to go back to Redwood and see if we can’t possibly capture this little elusive male Rose Robin again, see how we feel in the morning.
Steph and Anthony.

4 thoughts on “Redwood Park (Take 3)

  1. fantastic photos,amazing how many places you haven’t seen yet,redwood looks a nice place,keep going who knows what you come across mum


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