Cooby Dam / Redwood Park (Take 2)

Lesser Wanderer
A ‘backlit’ Lesser Wanderer Butterfly


Well Toowoomba certainly does not disappoint ….

We always thought it was just a little country big smoke, a good place to come to the Showgrounds and do some maintenance work and do some clothes shopping etc but once you get out of the melee it’s got a lot of beautiful nature full of life.


Of course we didn’t even get out of the pod till around 10 ish, as it was pretty frosty this morning. While we were having our morning cappuccino this gorgeous fantail pigeon landed on the truck which was parked next to the van. I guess he must be someone’s pet, he was quite tame, I went out and threw some sunflower seeds for him but he just wanted to sit in the sun and show off his beautiful tail feathers.


We took a drive out North about 30 minutes to Cooby Dam, a beautiful spot with all your standard water birds even some pelicans and black swans. All a bit far away as is usual with dams and lakes there’s generally nothing to hide behind and as soon as you get close they all swim away. There is a nice walk though through the trees and we saw a few birds here, heaps of fairy wrens both the superb and the red backed which Anthony got some photos of. Of course we always see other birds that we don’t get photos of but it’s always nice to be out and about looking for interesting things.
We drove from there back down to Redwood Park as we were pretty keen to go back to our little hotspot. It didn’t disappoint this afternoon, there were so many birds there and the elusive Rose Robin was flying around our heads so Anthony got some nice photos of him and his lady friend. A fantastic couple of hours there.
We still haven’t tackled any of the jobs we wanted to do here, surprise surprise, we still have the weekend but tomorrow there is a model railway happening here at the Showgrounds so we will have to have a look at that, also Sunday morning we are keen to have another look at the hotspot to see if we can get more photos of the robins so it’s pretty hard to give these things up for washing and polishing. 🙄🙄
Enjoy the pics.
Cheers Steph and Anthony.

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