Toowoomba Region / Redwood Park

Water Bird Habitat

The Waterbird Habitat – Showgrounds Toowoomba

Wow, what a day, it started a bit shabby when we got up extra early to have our pod in at the suspension specialists by 8 am. It seems they forgot about us and wouldn’t have space for at least a few hours, so we trundled back to the Toowoomba Showgrounds and stayed hitched up, got the camera and binoculars out and wandered down to the dam here. We have been to these grounds before but didn’t realise there is quite a bit of bird life there, at least a few hundred Plumed whistling ducks, they are just gorgeous with their continuous whistling chatter, a pair of night herons hiding in the trees, two pink eared ducks plus of course the standard cormorants and black ducks etc. Anthony got some great photos of a little corella flying over the dam, there are hundreds of those around here.

Corellas at the Showgrounds

Eventually we could take the van in at 10:30am. Then we drove down to the bottom of the range to a place called Redwood Park, blink and you would miss it, we only knew about it after googling birdwatching in Toowoomba and Wow, is there some bird life there. Lots of bugs and crickets which equals lots of birds and this really isn’t a good time for birdwatching being almost the start of winter. There’s heaps of walking tracks but we didn’t walk very far at all and found a great spot where the honeyeaters were coming down to drink in a rock pool. We will definitely go back for another look and walk a bit further and also I reckon in spring or summer it must be amazing there, we will have to come back somehow then.

Birds of Redwood Park
We picked the van up late afternoon and all went well though we do have a few more issues to deal with ( under there) there is always something . So we had a really good day, great weather and tomorrow we really have to start some maintenance work, washing, polishing, paint the roof, do some siliconing , amongst quite a few annoying little jobs we havent had time to deal with, though it might be a late start with 3 degrees expected in the morning😬😬
Enjoy the pics, Cheers
Steph and Anthony.

2 thoughts on “Toowoomba Region / Redwood Park


    Your photos are absolutely amazing!!!  Who knew there was so much to see in our neighbourhood!! Loving your travels.Deb and Phil


    1. Hey thanks very much guys, yes we are very excited to be on hols. And it’s been an exceptional start. We miss following your adventures, since leaving FB. Trust your still getting out and about. Miss ya’s Eddy & Steph


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