Farewell Tyto Wetlands & Ingham Region

Featured Image: Male Darter preparing for take-off


Comb-crested Jacana leaping through the Lilies at Tyto


Hello again from Ingham!!
The last week has just flown by, we have been out and about most of those days as the weather has been good though it’s really starting to warm up now so I’m glad we are heading south.

Graphic Flutterer Dragonfly (above) and Tropical Rockmaster Damselfly


IMG_5498 2

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We find it difficult to walk pass these gorgous Crimson Finches without taking a photo. These are our favorite shots of these critters whilst at Tyto Wetlands. (Top: Male, Centre: Female, Bottom: Immature Male)


Our front legs for the van arrived mid week and Anthony didn’t have too much trouble fitting them though it appears there is some very small ( hopefully minor ) piece missing. He did give the legs a go and all seems ok though we have ordered this little missing piece and will be picking it up in Rockhampton on the way south.

Flying Foxes at Ingham Botanical Gardens. We think its a great attraction for Ingham. Sadly the majority of locals (as always) don’t feel the same.


Rufous Whistler’s (Male above and Female below)



A couple of Snaps from Taylor’s Beach. (Clockwise from Top: Osprey, Immature Red-capped Plover, Gull-billed Tern, Immature Crested Tern)



As usual we have put off some much needed maintenance that we really have to do today as tomorrow we are off to Crystal Creek. From there all our trips will be very quick, only a couple of nights at stops along the way. Of course we will be in nature as much as possible, there is nowhere else we would rather be.


The very secretive White-browed Crake (above) and Buff-banded Rail (below)



“Snakes” ….. What snakes


Please enjoy our last photos and video of this area, oh and guess who spotted that gorgeous Carpet Python way up in a tree….😊😊
Cheers Steph and Anthony.

Carpet Python waiting for its next meal at Tyto

Wildlife of Tyto Wetlands

Featured Image : 2 metre Salt Water Crocodile on the banks of a lagoon


Whistling Kite


A Whistling Kite watching our every move


Well things have been going really well in Ingham!!
Tyto Wetlands has been alive with birdlife every day, we have been doing a morning lap…..back to the pod for lunch, then out again late afternoon.
The afternoon light on the first lagoon is fantastic for photos, lots of birds are dipping in for a bath so you can just stand on the little bridge and watch all the action.

A very pretty Yellow Honeyeater in the late afternoon light
Brown-backed Honeyeater


There has also been plenty of croc action too…

We always knew there was one saltwater crocodile in the lagoons….somewhere…..but had never sighted him …. until now.

There is the original big boy, at around 4 metres, that we have seen most days and also the smaller one in the first lagoon is around 2 metres .

He has been putting on a show, and never ventures too far from his slide on the bank, and he seems incredibly hungry.

Nearly every time we spot him he is eating something.

One day a big fish, then a huge Eel and yesterday we couldn’t work out what on earth he was eating then we realised it was a big fruit bat, and seemed to have a bit of trouble getting those rubbery wings down.


IMG_5498 2

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Crocs of Tyto


0T2A1773 2

This large Male Agile Wallaby didn’t seem to mind the Willie Wagtail hitching a ride.


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Crimson Finches are in abundance at present, always hard to walk past without taking a pic.


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As too are the gorgous Red-backed Fairywrens.


We haven’t seen any unusual birds but it’s great to see all the locals again. Lots of birds are nesting so it’s a very busy time.




The Wandering Whistling ducks are a nice site on the lagoons.




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With the weather starting to heat up, it brings back a few Dragonflies.




This Plumed Egret settles down for the evening after a big feed (below)

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This Pacific Baza (Crested Hawk) was a welcome sighting.



A few more Bird sightings


A Brown-backed Honeyeater on one of the many Lotus Flowers that adorn Tyto Wetlands



We are still waiting for our new front legs for the van to arrive….
They are coming from Victoria, which always seems to take forever.
Hopefully they come in the next few days.
We had already pre booked some parks ahead so have had to cancel everything for now. And also don’t want to rush back to work which is looming for the start of November.
They still haven’t had any rain in the Stanthorpe area so things are very grim there.
We still have plenty of places we want to check out on the way south so hopefully we can get on the road again soon.
Enjoy the pics and videos.
Bye for now Steph and Anthony.

Krefft’s Turtle …. another Tyto Local

Leaving Yungaburra and heading south

Featured Image : Nankeen Night Heron Staring us down at Hasties Swamp.



Victoria's Riflebirds

Victoria’s Riflebird Display at Wongabel State Forest



Greetings from Ingham 🤩
We almost didn’t leave Yungaburra yesterday morning 😬😬
After packing up we started lifting the van to get it hitched onto the truck.  It didn’t go up very far……
The new 12 volt motor we had just installed was making the same weird clicking noises as the old one, so were just a little bit concerned..
And then a very loud bang!! The van fell a bit on the right side as obviously something drastic happened with that landing leg.
Luckily the left leg held so we quickly got the truck jack and blocks of timber to support the right side.
We really thought we were well and truly grounded yet again but realised the left leg still went up and down, so by juggling that and raising the jack to keep the van even, we could still hitch up.
We couldn’t get it quite high enough but dropped the air out of the back suspension on the truck and woohoo it just squeezed in.
Of course when we got here to Ingham we had to reverse that procedure so now we have lots of bits and pieces coming from Melbourne.
We think the left leg is ok but decided not to mess around and just get both legs with all the bells and whistles attached.

Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo
Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo at Wongabel

Black-faced Monarch at Yungaburra
Black-faced Monarch at Tinaburra



We did see the Male Riflebird again in the Wongabel forest before we left Yungaburra and Anthony got a ok photos but he was very high in the trees.
My Sister Denise and her hubby Mark were with us at the time and she is a whiz bang at spotting tree kangaroos so we also got some nice pics there.
It was a bit sad to leave that area as we get quite settled in Yungaburra but who knows….. maybe next year we will head up that way again.



Another Tree Kangaroo from Wongabel



So there aren’t many photos and sorry, no video this time but hopefully we have a productive week here.

Bye for now Steph and Anthony.




Dragon/Damselflies have been in very short supply, hopefully Tyto will be teaming with them.

Here is an Orange Threadtail Damselfly